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Exasperation: Just Your Average Love Story

by toavoidconversation| Chapters | Complete | T

Plot: Draco and Hermione are Head Boy and Girl and they have to plan a Yule Dance.

The story is told via notes and letters, it’s AMAZING. Best one I’ve read in ages. It’s really not that long, sounds long but isn’t.

The Prank War

by CrazyGirl47 | 45 Chapters | Abandoned | T

Plot: In the 7th year it’s tradition for the houses to compete in a prank war.

The pranks go all out here. And it’s AWESOME. Not as much Dramione as it could have but it’s so funny and good to read that you don’t care. Really long though

Operation Cheer Up Granger (But Don’t Die Trying)

by peskywhistpaw | One Shot | Complete | PG-13

Plot: Hermione’s feeling down and Draco brings it on himself to cheer her up.

HILARIOUS. And just the right length.

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“Leave blood the fuck out of it!”

Hermione Granger (Silencio, 13)

Dark Lord of the Dance

by redscharlach | One Shot | T

Plot: Draco talks to his father about what he wants to be NOT a Dramione

But Draco and very short and hilarious!


by rainsrabble | Chapters | Abandoned | M

Plot: Hermione is getting targeted by death eaters, luckily Draco is looking after her. It moves into Hogwarts.

Really strange concept. Probably coz I just CAN’T ever imagine Draco doing any of that stuff, but each to their own. When it’s in Hogwarts I do think it gets MUCH better, and it’s Ron/Pansy, which I do like in this one. Elements of it are good.


by Kyra4 | 3 Chapters | Complete | M

Plot: The war’s going on and Draco’s in the order. But not happy, Hermione tries to save him

Good but slightly angsty and dark. Really in character for such a short one. Pretty large smut in the second half.

Hermione's Hiccups

by Dying Romance | One Shot | T

Plot: Hermione has the hiccups and they’re driving Draco insane.

Funny and short. Lovely end punch line. Three guesses how he gets them to stop. Quite silly, but still ok.

A Friendly Game Of Poker

by Mrs. Witter | 4 Chapters | Complete | M

Plot: During a game of poker Draco tells a secret Hermione expected him to keep

Good fun. More like a one shot than anything, not heavy or angsty. And the characterisations are good.

Japanese Blossoms

by inadaze22 | One Shot | T

Plot: Draco thinks about his relationship with Hermione.

Nice little one shot. Tells you everything that you’d ever really need to know. Really sweet ending.

Physically Impossible

by Twilight to Midnight | One Shot | M

Plot: Apparently something is impossible to do. Draco is there to prove to Hermione that it isn’t.

Smutty little one shot. Don’t really need to say more do I? Quite funny at the start and end.

Hermione Malfoy

by superscar | 18 Chapters | Abandoned | M

Plot: Dumbledore asks Hermione and Draco to marry.

An oldie but a good one. I love the dialogue, even if the story has no conclusion. And I love Blaise in this one, out of all the Blaises I’ve read I like this bi one the most. Same deal with Ginny.

Owl Posts

by Farangis | 4 Chapters | Abandoned | T

Plot: Draco and Hermione’s head boy/girl relationship as told in letters to each other.

Short, sharp and oh so funny. Wish is it was properly finished. But I love it.

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